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March, 2023!

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Life By Design: Self-Study Course

I wasted so much time and energy seeking to be more like the instagram chick I follow who has amazing career success...or more like the Mum at school who mothers her children so beautifully...or more like my friend who is so thoughtful and calculated in her decisions...or more like my work bestie who has an amazing drive and can somehow just keep working so consistently.

But whenever I tried to 'follow their footsteps' and do it like they did, I seemed to just fall flat on my face or just exerted all this energy and seemed to get no where. 😩

That was until I dived down the rabbit hole of Human Design and started to learn MY unique way of doing things. I played with it and explored it in my own world and things then started to flow. 💫

I started to not only get the results I was seeking, but I felt so incredibly authentic and ME in the process, and it just felt easy..and fun! 🙃

I learned to embrace the me I have always been but had shut down through conditioning.

❤️I felt seen.

❤️I felt free.

❤️I felt expansive.

...and I no longer felt like I was 'wrong' or there was something 'missing'.

I embraced my true self and everything flowed with me being in flow with my unique energy. ✨

Join me to learn how to make sense of the Human Design Body Chart so you can embrace your true self and understand the energetic essence of your loved ones by being able to understand their charts too.

Understanding what the fundamental parts of the Human Design chart all meant helped me in all areas of my life - personally, in my relationships, in parenting and in my business.

This is a game-changer!

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Personal Human Design

Chart Reading

You've plugged your birthdate, time and location and now have a weird looking chart with shapes and lines going everywhere. Cool huh?!! But what the heck does it all mean?? Well, that's where I can help you make sense of all the jargon and pull it apart into tangible concepts.

In this 75min recorded reading, I will unpack the key areas of your unique body graph and help you REDISCOVER the person you have probably always known is there - the YOU as the person you are designed to be!!

Aspects of your chart we may look at:

  • Your Type (your energetic personality)
  • Your Strategy (how best to interact in the world)
  • Your Signature and Not-Self Theme (how to know when you are and aren't living your Design)
  • Your Authority (how to make decisions for more ease a grace in your life)  
  • Your defined Channels (how our energy is connected and influenced/flavoured by the centers that 'speak' directly and consistently to and through each other
  • Your defined Gates (very interesting to look at to understand HOW each center is uniquely expressed through your gates - regardless of whether that center the gate is in is defined or not)
  • Your Profile (how people see us and how we see ourselves, how we experience life and share the experience of life)

By the end of this reading you will be feeling so 'seen' and perhaps even excited to embrace parts of yourself you may have been fighting against.

Human Design is your permission slip to be the you you know you are deep inside!


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