Cosmic Energy Report: January 28 - February 2, 2024

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As we enter Gate 19, it feels like a home-coming for me.

The Conscious Sun placement is where 70% of our energy comes from - our core essence and a major theme of our soul’s purpose. Gate 19 is my Conscious Sun.

So could kind of say I’m rather familiar with the energy of Gate 19!

It’s also my birthday today so I’ve got it all going on when it comes to feeling really aligned to the cosmic energies right now - we’re in Aquarius, we’ve just had a full moon in Leo (I’m a Leo moon and rising)....and of course the sun transits into Gate 19 - the gate of attunement.

So what can you expect to experience when tapping into this particular solar transit? Buckle in for having a heightened sense of what those around you need.

You may notice you are able to tap into how others are feeling and what they need to be resourced with (eg. material resources or friendly support) to shift out of their funk.

For those who have booked an Intuitive Alignment Session with me and ever wondered “But how did she know exactly what I needed to feel like ‘me’ again?”.....this is it, baby - Gate 19 vibes to attune you back into alignment with your highest self!

Be wary of the flip side to being highly sensitive to others during this period - if we focus solely on everyone else around us and we forget to nourish ourselves, this is no good for anyone. Just because you *know* what someone might need, doesn’t mean *YOU* need to be the one to provide it for them.

And it definitely can’t be at the expense of your own wants and desires. Make sure your needs are being met too, my friend.

Being able to sense the needs of others and your community means you also know how to bring the emotional energy back into alignment - trust yourself to know what is needed.

If you also have an undefined emotional solar plexus, you will need to be EXTRA mindful that you don’t sacrifice your own alignment and desires for the sake of balancing out the collective emotional energy - don’t fall into the trap of making someone else happy at the expense of your own happiness.  

This emotional awareness can create intimacy and vulnerability in your relationships. It is also important to be mindful of any urges to withdraw and disconnect from others as a way of coping with being highly sensitive. 

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