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Intuitive Alignment Bundle (5th session FREE!)

For those who are seeking to deeply bed-in their alignment, the Intuitive Alignment Bundle is here to serve! This multi-session Bundle is a client favourite for not only its potency, but its value - Purchase 4 x sessions, receive the 5th session FREE!

Just as a Chiropractor tends to and rejuvenates your physical body, these weekly or fortnightly Intuitive Alignment Sessions are here to care for your soul and your energetic alignment - to both your truth and your highest potential. Regular sessions can assist you to hold your vibration in alignment while life 'lifes' around you.


Although oracle cards and tarot are often used in these sessions, it is not a 'card reading'. Every session is different and unique to each person needs and intuitive guidance that comes through.

You'll come back into alignment (that feeling of 'home' and 'okayness' from within) as you receive guidance from your Guides and gentle energy work.

These sessions are subtle, yet powerful!

Each session is unique and may include:

+ EFT (aka 'Tapping')

+ Guided Visualisation

+ Intuitive Messages

+ Energy Healing and Clearing

+ + + ALWAYS humour and kindness + + +


Please allow 60-75 mins for this session.